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Newbie praises the sun

2017-01-14 20:42:52 by BlackerTheBerry

Heyho people,

i'm new and triggered by this side to introduce myself. At the moment im studying IT and i'm very interested in game culture. The 2016 internet culture hit me hard and now that it is 2017 i decided to search for other people fcked up like me to start a nice game-developing project. Yeah to sum it all up: dark souls fan, terraria fan, rpg fan, super-meat boy fan, i hate greed, i like "hyperactive" people although i think that this is more of a german slang, i love humans for what they can achive but i hate humans most of the time for what they want to achive and dunno what else to say - i'm probably the weird type of people telling that they are weird

so feel free to contact me or whatever, i like to talk about nearly everything, prefered games though (*>*)

aaaaaaaaaaand shoutout to everyone on newgrounds, peace i already feel kinda warm in this community


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2017-01-29 11:33:21

the blacker the berry the bigger I shoot